Welcome to Thoughts from Limbo

This is how it all started.

Thoughts from Limbo is envisioned for the 20s, and made for everyone. It’s a space made to guide, encourage, relate and entertain those who, like me, are going through a Limbo phase in life.

Not knowing what to do or where to go next can be unsettling. It’s a time where many of us become particularly self-reflective and begin to question anything and everything (which can also be exhausting). This is where I’ve decided to share some of my reflexions, experiences, advice and my conversations with people that inspire me, hoping that these too will inspire you!

As an introduction to the ethos of this blog, I’d like to share a powerful quote…

“Life isn’t linear”

That line is from a guy called Nicolas, who I met through a language exchange platform online whilst I was living in Madrid. Imagine a Pirate, a Farmer, a Hippy and a Librarian have a baby – that’s him. He was an eccentric young man in his early thirties, originally from Quebec, who had studied philosophy at ‘La Sorbonne’ in Paris, had a PhD in another similarly impressive field (potentially anthropology) and yet, he was working in a bookshop when I met him.

As the conversation went on, it became apparent that he did not follow a conventional lifestyle and definitely hadn’t pursued the career path I would have expected a PhD student from one of the top universities in the world to have chosen.

He had opted to live a humble lifestyle and was very much a ‘live in the moment’ kind of guy. He wanted to dedicate his time towards pursuing his interests, living joyful experiences and serving his community. For example, he described how he was part of a ‘community’ of people who agreed to purchase their groceries from local farmers every week, to ensure they received a regular income. He had also recently researched certain areas of Spanish law to help immigrants with no social security gain access to healthcare (I had probably just rambled on about the hardship of leaving work at 8pm).

My conversations with him made me question absolutely everything…

Wasn’t he afraid? I have often tried to make rational, practical decisions, especially when it comes to my career. And, many of my choices have undoubtedly, at least in part, been fear-based. Fear of what other people might think, fear of not being considered important, fear of not earning a good enough salary or not being deemed successful…

I have often felt like there’s a divide between what my brain is telling me to do and what my heart wants; what my gut instinct is telling me. Well, his wise mind is certainly aligned with his heart and his gut, and for that, I admire him greatly. He said he didn’t worry about the future because the future doesn’t actually exist; it’s a word we use to define what will happen next based on the assumption that our lives will continue past the present moment (I know, right? – deep!). He said life isn’t linear; it can curve and spiral, because we steer it in the direction we want to go.

He had an admirable self-confidence; he knew he could opt to do something else and go somewhere else, so he wasn’t chasing after some unknown future and comparing himself to others. He fearlessly embraced his own trajectory, accepting that it’s unique to him, and I aspire to achieve this level of inner-peace and fulfilment.

I’m sure that the same fears I have are shared by many other people living through a similar situation. So, here is a space for us to connect; let’s share our insights, our worries, our advice and embrace this Limbo phase that we’re in, because remember – life isn’t linear.

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