Thoughts from Limbo -

To be in limbo is to be in a state of uncertainty; floating in between two phases.

You’ve probably experienced moments of instability, where you didn’t exactly know where you wanted to go or what you wanted to do. It feels as though your life is on hold, but you trust that once you land in the place where you’re supposed to be, things will just click; you’ll finally start living the life you want for yourself.

But the truth is – that moment won’t ever come. You’re already living your life. Life is a constant state of limbo.

There’s never a moment when you’re not in between two things. There’s never a moment where you can control everything; where the future is certain.

Life’s a mess! All you and we, and anyone can do is navigate it as best as we can.

Brought to you by two sister, Thoughts from Limbo is your go-to companion; a flying carpet on which to joyfully ride through life. A place you can come to for answers, inspirational stories, and a little humor, to help you live well and happy.

You’ll find insightful articles from Laura, and Nerea joins in for some magic on our podcast (coming soon).

For all of those tired of navigating limbo alone, come ride with us.

Laura & Nerea. 

You can also read Laura’s first article here for more about how it all got started. 

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